The vibe is always fine at this local venue. Great acts, yummy food and brews, and room for dancing. A good time, every time.

Bonnie Lynch ,

By far the best live music venue in Central Oregon. Angeline's attention to detail, and passion for live music and hospitality shine through. The house sound system is great, and they always have tasty beers and food to enjoy during the show. It's also a great place to catch national acts in a listing environment, but don't worry it can rock out as well. One of my favorite venues anywhere!

Drew Kelliher,

I LoVE the Belfry and how Angeline is always in tune with the crowd :). One of my favorite all-time venues, I feel lucky to live so close to it.

Cj Johnson ,

I am always impressed with everything Angeline does. During the music last night, I sat in the balcony. I saw her constantly walking and looking around. Not only was she attentive to what needed to be done, but also very aware if people were enjoying themselves, and we're comfortable. Like a hostess at a huge dinner party! The venue is homey, acoustics wonderful, drinks well made (no pun intended).

Laurie Francis ,