Science Club

February 26, 2019 @ 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm
Science Club

We are a community based organization that strives to enhance science, math, and health in the schools and community through seven main areas.

The Belfry Community Talks  are given eight months each year in a local venue where multimedia presentations are coupled with both a wine/beer bar and an excellent food service. The talks feature speakers of note who focus on a general topic we've titled "Frontiers in Science." The programming is organized and led by Carol Moorehead and sometimes co-sponsored by COCC.

The topics have included a discussion of the Higgs Boson, Global Warming, the Sage Grouse, Mathematics and Intuition, The Big C, The Fukushima Disaster, Juniper – Tree or Weed, Oregon’s Death with Dignity Act, and a variety of other interesting and timely subjects. Charles Darwin even made a (somewhat) live appearance, discussing evolution as he was interviewed by a stunning, if completely faux, Barbara Walters.

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